ANUMAS 2022 Call for Applications


Key dates


15 October 2021

Applications open

22 November 2021

Applications close (5:00pm AEDT)

8 December 2021

Merit Assessments close

10 December 2021

Allocation Committee meeting

21 December 2021

Outcomes announced


The ANU Merit Allocation Scheme (ANUMAS) is now accepting applications for NCI Gadi compute resources in 2022. Applications close at 5:00pm AEDT on Monday 22 November 2021.

The ANUMAS 2022 call uses the same application process as for the 2021 call, with a streamlined application process to minimise workloads and disruption for researchers. The application form is designed to be easy to use. The bulk of the work in the application process is preparation of a proposal and progress report document (up to 3 pages in length) for submission with the application.

All applicants (Lead CIs) and members of their research groups should read the guidelines and reference information in the ANUMAS 2022 Call for Applications – Information for Applicants document (link below) in full before preparing an application. This document may be updated during the 2022 Call for Applications to clarify rules and processes as determined by the ANU Research Services Division, the ANUMAS Committee Chair, and NCI.

If you have further questions about the ANUMAS 2022 Call for Applications, they can be submitted by email to Emails to this address will create an issue ticket in the NCI user support system.


Reference Information


ANUMAS 2022 Information for Applicants (PDF) - General information, rules, guidelines and how to apply.


Returning applicants are advised to write a new proposal and progress report document of approximately 1500 words (3 pages maximum length) as described in the Information for Applicants. Reuse of a previous ANUMAS proposal without update is strongly discouraged by the Committee.