All values are kilo-service units (kSU). Please refer to the NCI Queue Limits for the Gadi charging rates.

Project Code Lead CI Institution Project Title Gadi Allocation (kSU)
ek9 Christoph Federrath Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics Interstellar Turbulence, the Formation of the First Stars, Magnetised Clouds, Supernova Explosions, and Proto-planetary Discs 50000
x77 Andrew Hogg Research School of Earth Science The Dynamics of the Southern Ocean 48400
y89 Asst. Prof. Yuan-Sen Ting Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics & Research School of Computer Sciences 3D magneto-hydrodynamical stellar modelling and 3D non-equilibrium radiative transfer 32000
ml39 Sean Smith Applied Mathematics; RSPhys Materials for Sustainable Energy Applications 22800
g15 Ben Corry Research School of Biology Simulation studies of biological and synthetic channels 17600
q95 Megan O'Mara Research School of Chemistry Modelling the dynamics of the cell membrane 16500
xd2 Rhodri Davies Research School of Earth Sciences Revealing the 4-D Evolution of Earth's Engine 15000
x69 Michelle Coote Research School of Chemistry Computer-aided Chemical Design of Catalysts and Control Agents 10200
jh2 Mark Krumholz Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics Star Formation and Feedback in a Turbulent Interstellar Medium 8580
xe8 Malcolm Sambridge Research School of Earth Sciences Unleashing the power of data: the next generation of geophysical inference 6600
te53 Hardip Patel John Curtin School of Medical Research The National Centre for Indigenous Genomics 4000
n72 Geoffrey Bicknell Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics Astrophysical Jets and Winds and their Interactions with the Ambient Medium 3300
xe2 Justin Borevitz Research School of Biology, Department of Plant Sciences Linking Genotype, Phenotype and Landscape to improve Plant Energy 3300
w09 Adrian Sheppard Applied Mathematics; RSPhys Understanding petrophysical and multiphase flow properties of rock through experiment, 3D imaging and modelling 3300
y08 Matthew Hole MSI Computational Applications in Equilibrium and Instabilities of Advanced Plasma Confinement Geometries 3000
NEW Yu Lin Research School of Computer Science The Amphibian and Reptile Genome Assembly and Annotations 3000
nm03 Callum Shakespeare RSES Wave-eddy-mean flow dynamics 3000
tz21 Sebastien Allgeyer RSES Earth deformation and mass transport 2640
p00 Amanda Barnard Research School of Computer Science Computational Science and Applied Machine Learning 2000
ib54 Barry Pogson Research School of Biology A computational approach to enable precision control of drought resilience 1900
xz2 Prof. Colin J Jackson Research School of Chemistry Computational Structural Biology and Protein Engineering 1100
kl43 Stuart Szigeti / Joe Hope Department of Quantum Science, Research School of Physics Deep Quantum: an exploration of many-body quantum mechanics at the lower limits of temperature and energy 1000
x01 Prof. Anatoli Kheifets Theoretical Physics, Research School of Physics Time-space resolved photoelectron emission 1000
pb82 (NEW) Marta Yebra Fenner School of Environment and Society and Research School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering  Protecting Australian from catastrophic bushfires  1000
do77 (NEW) Dr Gaetan Burgio John Curtin School of Medical Research Uncovering novel antiviral defence systems in bacteria by mining genomic and metagenomic sequences 950
p08 Robert Stranger Research School of Chemistry Computational studies of the Mn/Ca cluster in Photosystem II and its relevance to bio-mimetic Hydrogen generation catalysts 880
em78 ‪Hrvoje Tkalčić Research School of Earth Sciences Studying the Earth’s interior using global correlation wavefield 880
kn3 Marcus Doherty Research School of Physics First principles innovation of solid-state quantum technologies 800
os22 (NEW) Siyuan Tian Fenner School of Environment & Society Hyperresolution Ecohydrological Prediction 800
xx92 Matthew Cook JCSMR Canberra Clinical Genomics; translating the latest research findings into personalised medicine 710
xa1 John Pye Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering Modelling of high-temperature concentrating solar thermal energy systems 700
p12 Christian Wolf RSAA SkyMapper and the Southern Sky Survey 660
eo34 Prof. Mark G. Humphrey Research School of Chemistry DFT and TD-DFT Studies of Organometallic Systems 660
ix81 Naomi McClure-Griffiths Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics Simulating the Build-up of Magnetic Fields in High Velocity Clouds 660
fx09 (NEW) Jiayu (Jean) Wen John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR) Deep neural network models for predicting post-transcriptional gene regulatory interactions 500
gw89 (NEW) Phil Cummins Research School of Earth Sciences Rupture Modelling of the 2018 Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake in Palu, Indonesia 500
xc17 Eduardo Eyras John Curtin School of Medical Research Unveiling the complexity of genomes and transcriptomes with nanopore sequencing 500
xc8 Brendan McKay Research School of Computer Science Extremal graph theory and Ramsey theory 440
wu87 (NEW) Tao Zou Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics  Covariance regression analysis for dependent data  440
ot77 Qing-Hua Qin Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering (RSEEME) Topology Optimisation of Mechanical Metamaterials and Multifunctional Materials 440
p05 Marek Pasciak Research School of Chemistry Computation of X-Ray Diffraction Patterns for 3D Model Systems 440
pq84 Matthew Field John Curtin School of Medical Research Developing Bioinformatics Capability to Diagnose Infectious Diseases using Clinical Metagenomics 400
q80 Cedric Simenel Research School of Physics, Department of Theoretical Physics Microscopic Studies of Nuclear Dynamics 400
ck06 Yun Liu Research School of Chemistry Materials Design for Hydrogen Storage 360
y48 Chennupati Jagadish Electronic Materials Engineering, Research School of Physics Nanostructured optoelectronic devices: new materials and applications 308
xf3 Benjamin Schwessinger Research School Biology Identify, characterise, detect factors causing wheat disease epidemics 300
zq54 (NEW) Simon McClusky RSES Proposing a Deep Learning Approach for Extracting Earthquake Source Parameters from InSAR Observations 300
uu23 (NEW) Gavin Huttley Research School of Biology Statistical modelling of genetic variation 300
x89 Roger Amos NCI Ab initio calculations for large systems 256
mg82 Bin Lu School of Engineering The role of solar photovoltaics in a 100% renewable energy future 220
lf10 Rippei Hayashi John Curtin School of Medical Research deciphering splicing code during development 220
di09 (NEW) Pablo Rozas Larraondo Water and Landscape Dynamics Group (Fenner School) Modelling the Earth’sdynamical processes with neural networks 200
jw12 (NEW) Craig Moritz Research School of Biology Comparative genomics of Australian vertebrates 200
xd23 (NEW) Danh-Tai Hoang The Biological Data Science Institute Deep transfer learning for spatial transcriptomics inference from cancer whole slide images 200
pi44 (NEW) Albert Van Dijk Fenner School of Environment & Society  Developing the OzWALD environmental model-data assimilation system  200
fu17 Timothee Bonnet RSB and BDSI Quantitative genetics of evolutionary-demographic dynamics. 100
em94 (NEW) Siva Karuturi Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering Computational Screening of Lead-free Inorganic and Hybrid Perovskites for Sustainable Energy Applications  100
ge66 (NEW) Chris Lidman RSAA Forward modelling supernova cosmology 100
bl36 (NEW) Thomas Tao Yang Research School of Economics A one-variable-at-a-time method for variable selections for nonlinear models 100
ho01 (NEW) David Stern Crawford School of Public Policy Prepaid metering and electricity consumption in Bangladesh 100
ez41 (NEW) Qing Wang Research School of Computer Science Deep Learning for Graph Isomorphism 100
v89 Lexing Xie Research School of Computer Science Promoting Fairness in Online Attention 100
TOTAL 276744